Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Trip To The Catherdral

On Friday 1 July, St Pius X Catholic school went on a school trip to the Cathedral in Auckland City, because this year is the year of mercy.
We all left together as a school on 2 busses after morning tea.
I was feeling very excited and hyped because it was my first time visiting a Cathedral.

Once we arrived we all got out of the bus and lined up outside. We were all waiting outside the Cathedral for Mrs Tui to come. As soon as Mrs Tui came room 7 had a quick practise before walking over to the door of mercy. Finally we walked into the Cathedral through the door of mercy. Once we got there we settled into our seats we waited awhile for mass to start.

As soon as father started mass there was a lot of people at the back seats.
Then father told us about the tall chair saying that only the bishop of the cathedral can only sit there.

Soon it was Holy Communion and that's when we were going to sing. During Holy Communion the people at the back went first because we were singing. When we finished our song we went up for Holy Communion.

After church father came and had a school photo together with us inside the church. After awhile we went to the hall and had our lunch. Soon the bus came and then it was time to go home.

I had a lot of fun at the Cathedral and my favourite part of our trip was when father told us a fact about the foundation rock that was held inside the church.     

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