Thursday, 25 October 2018

Chessy Mince Pie!

Today in cooking class we made cheesy mince pie. The ingredients we used were mince,oil,flour,mixed veges,puffy pastry and some herbs. The out come of our pie was amazing. My partner was Teremoana.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Muffin Design

So today our class made chocolate muffins. They ingredients we used were
                                                                     1.  2 c of SRF
2. 1 c of sugar 
3. 1/2 c of oil
4. 1 c of milk
5.1 egg
6. 1/4 c of cocoa

It was very fun, my partner tere and I were part of the 2 best in the class. The muffins were good and yumm.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


Today we made nachos with Mrs Tuipulotu. First we had to fry the mince and the onion. Next we were given ham to dice, cheese and bakebeans with mixed sauces. We then cooked everything together until the cheese melted. The nachos was perfect and very yum.

Thursday, 30 August 2018


Today we made cupcakes. Ariettah and I were partners. We collected all the ingredients and mixed it together. When we finished making the batter we lined up the tray for the cupcakes. The turn out of our cupcakes we 10/10. It was very yumm.  

Friday, 24 August 2018

My Fantastic Hangi Experience !

On a rainy Wednesday 9TGN were preparing a Hangi for our class. Straight after assembly we got chaged and went to the Wharekai to where we would preparing the Hangi. When we got there we put 4 potato pieces,2 pieces of kumara pieces, 2 pieces of carrot in the foil containers. The containers already had one chunky piece of beef and one drumstick, so we were finished. Before wrapping a group of boys, Mr Dunn and the kaumatuas left to start up the fire. Quickly, we wrapped the hangi we stacked it in a box and walked in the rain over to Z block to the fire. The Hangi would be cooked by the heat of the fire on top of it to cook. We left the boxes of Hangi with the men and then we left back to the Wharekai to get changed and wait for the bell to ring. We heard the sound of the bell ring and we were dismissed. The outcome of the meal was delicious. Making a Hangi is fun.    

Monday, 20 August 2018

French Toast

On Thursday at food tech, we made french toast. For French Toast we needed bread,eggs and milk. I found cooking easy. The turn out of my meal was very good because it was golden and brown, and that was the colour we had to aim for. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

What & how I learnt the science behind my traits

In my Perry the pear investigation, Meafou, Henrietta and I took bill bob banana and mashed him to get his DNA to see if it matches the DNA that the killer left on Perry the pear. We then poured it in to a test tube then we added 3 drops of detergent and some salt and mixed it in a beaker. We then added everything into a test tube. We then placed the test tube in the incubator. It turns out that Billy Bob Banana didn't murder Perry the pear, it was Bob the blue berry. RIP (Gone but, never Forgotten).   2001 - 2018 Sunrise to sunset. Perry the pear.

DNA is found in any type of cell. 3 Traits that I have are Wavy hair,chubby fingers and black hair. To figure out a trait that you inherit from your parents are to see if you have dimples or if you have a bum chin then go to your parents and see if they have it or can do it.

I inherit from my mother is her black wavy hair and little bit of brown. This is caused by chunks of DNA that have instructions for my hair, or it can be cause by the protein that I eat.