Friday, 25 September 2015

Striped Dolphin Facts

Striped dolphins
1.Striped dolphins mostly eat Squid.

2.Striped dolphins are warm blooded creatures.

4. Striped dolphins are like dolphins but have stripes.

5.Striped dolphins are very talented
Striped dolphins also have a very long talk with whales.

6.Some Striped dolphins are not harmed in the U.S but some people are found hunting them.

Facts about Striped Dolphin

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats!!!!

Why are Dogs better than cats!
Hi, guys i’m here to give you guys reasons why dogs are better than cats. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs who loves dogs?, I love dogs so much I would do anything just to save a dog, and cats nah I hate them.
Firstly, Dogs are better because if you had a dog they know where to pee and poo, and if you had a cat they would just poo and pee everywhere and you have to clean it up.  

Secondly, Dogs are fit because they go for walks and even keep their own owner fit, and if it was a cat the cat will lie down and wait for their next meal.

Thirdly, Dogs are better because if there was a fire in the middle of the night they will wake you up and warn you, not like a cat it will only think about itself and escape and let you die.

Fourthly, Dogs are better because if you call them they will come and they will look happy, if it was a cat, the cat will have someone to take a message that will say they will be with you later.

Fifthly, If you buy a dog on the first day, it will be with you the next day, but if it was a cat they will run away the next day and they will only come back when they're hungry.

Lastly, dogs are better because I know they are better and I know that everyone should treat their own dog in a good way. Now that my speech is finished what do you like? Cats or Dogs?

My speech is about why are dogs better than cats!!!!

The Emperor of Peka Peka

This presentation is about a penguin who was found on a beach

Will Smith Presentation

This presentation about will smith, the reason why I chose him is because, he is famous and his quotes are well meaning.