Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Trip to Sylvia Park

      A Trip To Sylvia Park
Then a girl was talking about how we make movies and why.

Then presenters from our school was presenting a film called “Islands”. They played the movie. Petra, Taiwan , Manu and Oscar took part in the movie. They were doing the actions to the song “Islands like Diamonds”.The song was made last year by a group called “Tempo Style”.

They only played some of the movies. The only movies I liked watching  was from Tamaki College and Point England. After it On the  12th of November 2014 St Pius X School went on a bus to Sylvia  We walked out of the Cinemas and it was raining. We went to the place where the teachers said the bus will arrive, but it wasn't there. We checked every bus, but the Park Hoyts for the Film Festival. We went together with our soul friends,
A new road opened up in Panmure. It was fun because we went on that road, and there was a tunnel and it was dark with bronze lights.

When we got there we walked into cinema two. One of our teachers led us to our seats. When we were all sitting down, a picture with a man pulling the world with a hook came on the screen. finished I was sad. I wanted to stay behind in the Hoyts because it was cool and comfortable on the chair.  

bus we thought was ours was not our bus. It was raining hard so we had to run back to the shade near the shops. Then the bus came and Room 6 and 1 went in that bus. Then another bus came and Room 5 and 4 went in that bus.

I was so exhausted when we came back from Sylvia Park. It was fun at the Film Festival.

Monday, 8 December 2014

10 Fast Fingers

Today I got 32 for my score I hope I get better on Friday, I think I need more practice.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Today I am getting good I am working on getting 40 for my score

Monday, 1 December 2014

Typing Test

Today I got 30 for my score I think I need more pratice