Monday, 11 September 2017

I hope you grown into.......

My plant

               Dairy for my Plants
Image result for juicy big fat tomato 
Dear tomato, I hope you grow into a juicy big fat red tomato.

Image result for green peas

Dear Beans, I hope you grow into a big round yum green bean.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Shook Visitors!

This morning the whole of St Pius X Students, staff and some parents had an assembly for visitors that came from Australia.

First, we had a Cook Island welcoming done by Lau, Followed by a prayer from Lusia and her team. Then 5 girls from the juniors performed a FABULOUS cook island dance and the visitor's faces were shook!

Then, 6 boys from the Seniors performed an Awesome Samoan dance. Fano was the leader and he was shirtless and shiny, the look on the ladies from the visitors was amazing. Finally, all of our perfumers were finished and we had one lady from the visitors giving us a speech on where her school is and talking about how well we presented ourselves.  Then the school sang for the last time and the assembly finished the visitors left with a big smile.

The 7 Scraments

My Prior Knowledge about the 7 Sacraments

- I know the Sacraments In order
- I know that the sacraments are a gift from the Holy Spirit.
- I know that each of these sacraments is celebrated with a ceremony in the church.
- I know that the each sacrament is a sign of what we choose in life and all the sacraments are a sign of grace .