Friday, 1 May 2015

Timeline of our story.

Characters-Poppa Joe-Nonna-Aunty christina-Carlo

Carlo doesn't want to go with grandpa, grandpa wants to go with somewhere but he can’t because his wife is at home she spends most time in bed then the mums tells him to go with your grandpa he might want to go for a walk and plus its a lovely day Carlo still did not want to go suddenly aunty christina came and shooed us out of the house so Carlo went with grandma.

While they were walking poppa suddenly stiffens like he heard something whats the day he muttered september the something, september the twenty eight carlo said then all of sudden they saw people walking towards the beach poppa is walking faster and says come on. Its nearly 2 o'clock we will be late and then carlo said late for what poppa said nothing he just waved and running towards the beach, as they came out on the esplanade they were surprised of how many boats were on the bay most of the boats had flags at half mask then poppa say the DINGHY QUICK!! then he threw his stick then started running again towards the Dinghy then starts to climb in but two men are already pushing the dinghy carlo asked what happening no answer poppa's face everyone elses just started to cry even the men rowing the boat.

While carlo and poppa were on the boat carlo recognised there was a priest on the boat throwing an wreath into the sea and reading something from a book after everyone just left the bay, then they both went home looking sad they both went to grandma's house then poppa said take these veggies home to your mother then they kissed each other on the cheek and hugged.