Friday, 21 August 2015

Saint Pius X Poem

                   St Pius X

S- S is for Saint, Pope Pius showed how much he loved the poor and other people.
T- T is for teaching, St Pius taught other people about what he knows about God.

P- P is for peace, St pius always wanted peace and not war.
I- I is for intelligence, St pius showed intelligence in what he did and in his love for others.
U- U is for understanding, St pius always understood what was right for him to do.  
S- S is for strength, St pius always had strength in God and what he believed in.

X- X is for 10, God chose Saint Pius to be the tenth Saint Pius, to serve everyone in peace.

Today for Saint Pius X feast day, I wrote a lovely Poem Saint Pius X for room 6, hope you guys like it!!