Friday, 27 September 2013

Holy Communion

On Communion day I was so excited. I put all my clothes on for Holy Communion. I had to go and get my aunty to me put on all my clothes for Sunday. It was my first Holy Communion.

 My aunty had to put my tau’vala on tight. On my tau’vala my aunty put a flower on me and a rope with flowers stuck on it and a necklace. I loved what she made for me.

 She told me, “Walk to church because the flowers are going to get ruined”. I said “Okay” So she walked with me up the hill and the people were looking at me. Then my cousin came and hugged me and said, “You look beautiful!

I walked into the church and Frank was sitting at the back. When mass was about to start lots of people crowded the church.

Everyone was there and the mass started late. When Father Loseva did the homily I knew that it was almost time for my first Holy Communion. When it was communion time I was so excited. When it was my turn to eat the bread Father said, “Body of Christ”
and I said “Amen.”

 I went to the cup and the woman said, “Blood of Christ.” I said, “Amen.” All the people who received First Holy communion received a certificate. I was so proud.

 My mum’s sister took so many photographs that my face was tired from smiling, we went to my mum’s work to have a delicious lunch.
By Stanley

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