Friday, 26 September 2014

My Seech

                     Stanley - 15/9/2014
People say that laughter is the best medicine but if you are laughing for no reason you need medicine.

People laugh in a conversation and in a group. Laughter brings joy and happiness. It is good to have laughter. There are some different kinds of laughter like mocking laughter, joking laughter and fake laughter. Laughter is  part of a human behaviour. Laughter is all around the world. Laughter can change anger,sadness and nervousness. Laughter also  lowers blood pressure. Children laugh about four hundred times a day.

Laughter is the best medicine.There are other names of laughter chortle, guffaw, have hysterics and fall down. If you laugh too much you can get hiccups.People laugh for a reason like silly faces,movies, jokes ,when they're nervous and When they get tickled. Laughter can also be bad because people can laugh at something sad like people being sick,people tripping over,people with different bodies,homeless people,poor people and  people with different colour bodies.Laughter helps you with your anger.Laughter  Helps you bond with others. Laughter is good exercise for your bodies and your soul.

Laughter fight your stresses and shyness away.  when you laugh you move. Laughing can change you breath if you laugh too much. Some people laugh to much and throw themselves.When you laugh and others ask it’s because they want to join laughing. Laughter is a happy sound. Also laughter is the sounds and movement our bodies like when we find something funny.Laughter are important part of our lives . If you laugh too much it changes your breathing.

Laughter means when someone is joyful and happy. Laughter seems to make our bodies move a lot. Sometimes laughter can remind you of or someone or something.

Laughter makes war stop so remember to smile and be happy.

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