Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sailing in Kohimarama

On friday morning, room 6 was going sailing. When I was ready me and my brothers and sisters, went to school early. I was wearing mufti, after a while Saveu came to school and then more of room 6 came. When we were all ready, room separated. I was in the first group where most of my friends were in.

When we finally got there, we quickly got changed and we wore the life jackets and we were so excited. The instructor Ruben, shew us how to sail, how to turn the boat in the water, he shew us the directions to change the sail if the wind is coming either left right or in between and how to set it up.

When we set up our boat we all partnered up into 2, mine was Samiuela. When we set all set our boats, we pulled the boats on trailers to the beach. I untied the rope that was holding the boat and the trailer together, Wela pulled the trailer while I pulled the boat to the water.

Once me and Wela were on we were also the last one.

I had fun at sailing I hope we can go again!

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