Friday, 12 February 2016

The Bunch Of Ducks

One Cloudy day, A bunch of ducks were going on a trip to the beach to get some food. On their way to the beach, the weather turned sunny and hot they had too run to the beach.

All of a sudden, a eagle jumped down and took all of them and flew to it’s nest. When they were at the nest, the nest was near the beach but they couldn't get down to get their food. Then they were all think how to get down, the ducks thought, thought, thought and thought but nothing occurred to them.

Finally, one of the ducks thought to fly down from the beach and swim to land, then they all disagreed. The ducks still didn’t have any choice but to fly down to the beach and swim to land.

The first duck tried he managed, then they all tried and they all got to land safely. Once they got to land they looked back at the nest then they thought why didn’t they go the other way with the grass, then they realised they were so dumb instead of putting their life at risk, they should have just took the easy way. Then ducks manage to get get there food and travel home safely.

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