Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Welcome To My 2017 Blog !

Malo lelei and welcome back to back to my blog this year! This year, I am a Year 8 student in Spx Nu'u (class) and my teacher is Mrs Tui. I am very happy to be back blogging for all of you viewers. I hope you enjoy my blogging this year !😀❤️️


  1. Sup Stanley,

    My name is Roimata and I'm from Pt England School. I am your quad blogging buddy for "Te Taiao o Tamaki." I look forward to your next amazing work.

    From Roimata.

  2. Malo e lelei Stanley,
    Hope you have a good year with all the year 6 and 7. May God guide you and your families and friends throughout this year. Stay focus on school, and do your best in everything you do.

    From: Your best friend Fale'aka❤️️

  3. Thanks You too! 😘💙✌


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