Friday, 17 March 2017

Te Taio O Tamaki - Our Green Space

WALT : Find out habitat in our Green space

In our green space outside room 3, it is barren which means it’s filled nothing and it is to poor to produce anything. Our green space is filled with different types of insects, ants, ladybugs and bees. Our green space looks dry on the surface but below it is very moist, it is very dry during day time but in the night time it is very moist.


  1. Talofa lava Stanley,

    I can see that your garden is filled with nothing but plants and insects. I can see that you have said that in the morning it doesn't really look moist, but at night time it is moist.

    I look forward to your next amazing blog post.
    From Roimata.

    1. Malo e tau lava Stanley ( Means nice to see you ),

      Its great to see that you have been posting now. I loved how you talked about your poor green space. This is just amazing because it is part of the whole Te Taiao o Tamaki thing.

      Looking forward for more blogposts!