Monday, 15 May 2017

My Beautiful Mum

Image result for happy mothers dayMy mother is very important she is the woman who carried me for 9 months. She is the woman who put up with my nonsense ever since day one right up to now and she's still is. She is special, she's my all.

When I see my mum I see beautiful dark brown eyes, also dark fine black hair. When I look at my mum I see a hard working woman, I see wonder woman.

When I am near my mother, I smell a fresh bundle of delicate roses. I can smell my mum through the lilies that grow outside my house, she smells lovely.

I hear my mum through the Tongan church songs I hear. I hear her voice when my teachers give me advice or tell me to do the right thing.


Mothers are there for us more than we know it, mothers are very important to us because where would we be without them. I love you mum

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