Thursday, 13 July 2017

Day 6 Weekly Activity (Bonus Activity)

Read about the Matariki festival at Te Papa.  There are so many different things to see and do at the festival this year. On your blog, tell us about three of the events. You can choose any three events that you wish.
Bonus Activity: As part of the Matariki festival, there is a two day Kapa Haka competition. The haka is a traditional war dance that Maori performed before going into battle. The haka is now performed by children/adults in the community and by professional sporting teams, including our national rugby team, the ‘All Blacks.’  The All Blacks have performed various haka over the years. Watch the following three haka videos (1 – 3) and, on your blog, list the haka videos in order from best (#1) to worst (#3). There are no right or wrong answers ☺
At the end of your day at Te Papa, you head to your hotel in the centre of Wellington. You are staying on Cuba Street, one of the coolest streets in the city.
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My Opinion
First I think the third video the Haka is the best and then the first video and then the second one.

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  1. Kia ora Stanley,

    It was great to see you today at St Pius! I really enjoyed reading all of your blogs. I can see from this blog post that you enjoyed the third haka the most (out of the three options). What was it about the haka that you liked so much? Was it the way that the men performed it or was it the actual haka (i.e. the lyrics) itself? I'd love to learn more about what inspired you to choose the 2011 haka as your favourite...

    Bye for now!

    Rachel :)


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