Tuesday, 3 November 2015

2015 Speech About Gay

Hi Today my speech is going to be about being Gay.
Gay is when a boy and another  boy have a relationship
Raise your hands, if you sometimes mock someone who is gay.
Raise your hand and be honest, Who thinks we shouldn’t have gay people in this world. Well you guys who put your hands up I think you guys are just being mean and horrible.

The reason why I chose this topic is because I was watching a television show and this boy was gay, he walked to school and everyone at school called him gay and no one spoke to him. All they did is just mocked him, and that's why I am doing this speech about being gay. Do you think it’s the boys fault being gay? I think not because that's how God made us. Even though people look gay it doesn't mean they are gay because you don’t know the truth about them, that's why you shouldn’t  judge people by the way they look.  

Gay people shouldn’t be accused for being Gay because that's the way they are. You can’t stop someone from being the person they want to be. I know most dads a epses with their sons being Gay. If I had a cousin or a friend and they were gay, I wouldn't judge because you don’t what they have been through in their lives. Have you ever heard that saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

If you mock someone that is gay, they have that feeling that makes them feel like they don’t fit in this world and this is what they do just to not be gay. They either commit suicide, run a way from their parents and when they leave or run away, They don’t even tell their parents because they are confused and sad,  thinking about how the parents will feel because they didn’t tell  them why they are doing this, that's why we should not judge people being gay. They run away and commit suicide,  just because of what us non gay people accusing them of being.

Before I end my speech I would like  to say something to you guys, I don’t have a problem with being gay do you know why for example if the world was supposed to have cake and brownie pretend the cake and brownie as a girl and a boy. If you had no brownie and you had another cake there is no difference because that's how things are.

Now that my speech is finished, who will accuse people of being gay?   

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