Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Weekend Recount

In the weekend, I went to the pools with my brothers. my mum dropped us off to the pools in panmure and paid for us to pass. My two older brothers went for free, because they were over 12. Plus she paid 2 dollars each for us, to go on the big water slide.
First, I was so excited I ran to the changing room and I almost slipped into the pool. I quickly changed and bombed into the adult pool and it was so so cool.

Second, I ran to the water park and I went to the water gun and sprayed my brother and other kids. Next there was a bucket of water hanging from a pole and there was water going into bucket. All of a sudden the bucket of water just poured over me. There were more fun things but I wanted to move on.

Thirdly, I went into the hot pools inside and it was so difficult to breathe it was like a sauna room but even hotter. I dived into the pool and it burned my face because it was really hot. While I was inside my brothers were at the water park enjoying the water gun.

Lastly, I went on the scary big water slide which was AMAZING AND SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was on it, it pushed me side to side. After the pools we were all tired and we went back home and had some KFC for lunch.

I loved going to the pools, but I wished there were different water slides and food shops. Next time I go, I want to go somewhere else fun like the pools.
The End

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