Sunday, 17 July 2016

Weekly Activity - Day 7 ( Bonus Activity )

Bounce Heads

Imagine that you are on the Paralympic Committee and you have been asked to create one new sport to add to the competition for this year. Use your awesome imagination to design a brand new Paralympic sport. Please remember that some of the athletes will not be able to walk or run and others may be blind or deaf. On your blog, please write:

  1. The name of your sport,
  2. A brief description of how you play the sport, and
  3. Three rules for the sport

My Game:

The is game is that all the athletes get divided into 4 in each group. It's like volley but you use your head. The blind athletes will be guided by their partner who is not blind and can see. Your partner has to be from the same country.

Rules !!

1. You can not use hands to hit the ball.
2. You can use your forehead to hit the ball.
3. No drugs before game.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stanley!

    Wow, you have done a really incredible job with the Winter Learning Journey. I am so impressed. I hope that you are proud of what you have done. I certainly am!

    I am also really amazed by your creativity with this task. I love the idea of 'Bounce heads.' You have clearly thought about what would work for athletes in the Paralympic games and come up with an idea that would work for most. I do wonder if the blind athletes would find it a bit hard to run into the right place in time to hit the ball but it's definitely possible. I think that they would just need a little bit of practice and then would find that they were able to play quite easily.

    Great job, as well, with the rules for the game. I like all three but am most fond of Rule #3. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for athletes to take performance-enhancing drugs before competing in the Olympics. It really ruins the spirit of the game and creates an uneven competition as some athletes are artificially faster and stronger because they have taken drugs ('doped'). I hope that all of the athletes who compete in 'Bounce Heads' follow the rules and play clean.

    Great work with this activity and with the journey, Stanley. I really hope that you'll join us again next summer when we blog again. The summer programme will be called a 'Summer Learning Journey' and it will be launched in December 2016.



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