Tuesday, 20 March 2018


The main purpose of Nathan and Oscar’s trip was to find out where they are from,
visit the places where the ancestors once stood on .

Some of the interesting discoveries that they came across on their journey
were in Rarotonga they went to where the Takitimu stood before it took of to sea.
From my point of view i think that it was cool to learn about those islands but I
did wish that one of them were from Tonga.

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  1. Hi Stanley. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Nate and Oscar's trip. I think you need to add more explanation as to where they travelled to so I can really understand all the places their ancestors went to. Maybe you could think about answering these questions:

    * What interesting discoveries did they find in Rarotonga?
    * What was cool to learn about these islands?

    Maybe you could add a short story about learning about ancestors in Tonga so we can hear their another example of a journey.

    I look forward to seeing your additions to your writing above.