Friday, 6 May 2016

My Relaxing Holiday

In the holidays I went to the movies in Mission Bay by myself. The movie I was going to watch was Zootopia. Before going into the cinema my mum gave me 20 dollars to buy food.

So I bought my yummy delicious food from the shop and ran to the movies. When I got there I was just in time to go into the cinema, so I speed walked my way into cinema 2.

After the movies I went for a swim because it very hot. So I quickly ran home got my togs and off I went to the beach.
My favourite part of the movie was when officer Hops did bad on her first day at work, then she came back home and turned the radio on then sad songs were playing. My favourite sad song was, All by myself by Celine Dion.  

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  1. Hi Stanley,
    I really enjoyed your writing. I also really liked your picture. Stanley maybe next time you could write about the food you bought at the movies, describe what you bought and how much it all cost.


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