Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Science Show

At the science show in Tamaki College, room 5 and 7 experienced different science experiments. We all got there by some of our parents. It was raining by the time we were all waiting outside the hall.

When we finally went inside, the other school were just leaving. When we were all seated, the instructors showed us some absorbing experiments. After they gave us permission to go and have a look at the science projects. the experiments.  Some experiments were some that we hadn't seen before.

My favourite science experiment was to see how many people are like you around the world. So the first question was do you have gap teeth and there were more questions. When I finally reached the end of the questions, I ended up with this answer which was, there are 7% of people like you in the world. I had alot of fun at the science show and I learned alot.

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