Saturday, 31 December 2016

Week 2 - Weekly Activity Day 4 (Activity 2)

Activity 2
Some families are very large and some are very small. Some of the smallest families are found in China where parents are allowed, by law, to have only one child. This is quite different from countries like America (U.S.A.) where some families have as many as 19 or 20 children. It is rare but it does happen!
In America, there is actually a family with 19 children who have their own television show called ’19 Kids and Counting.’ All 19 children have the same two parents (Jim Bob and Michelle) and every single one of the children has a name starting with the letter ‘J.’ The oldest children is a boy named Josh and the youngest is a girl named Josie. Amazing!
If you’d like to see a small clip from the show, follow this link: 19 Kids and Counting
Imagine that you were one of the Duggar children and you had 18 brothers and sisters. What do you think it would be like to have so many sisters and brothers living with you in one house? On your blog please tell us what you would like and what you wouldn’t like about living in such a large family.

Being In A Big Family

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What I Wouldn't Like Being In A Big Family:
Being in a big family wouldn't be so easy because you might not have your personal space and not having your own personal space would be boring. Also going to the bathrooms and toilets would be so hard because there would be a Que in your own house.

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  1. Hey Stanley
    I agree, being in a big family would be difficult. You might have to share a room with four or five other people. Nice job!