Saturday, 17 December 2016

Weekly Activities - Day 1 (Activity 2)

Weekly Activities - Day 1 (Activity 2)



Three Interesting facts:

Image result for square watermelon1. Did you know that Japan farmers grow square watermelons because it's easier for them to store and stack.

Image result for building with highway japan

2. Did you know in Osaka, Japan there is a building that has a highway running straight through it.

Image result for Ōkunoshima
3. Did You know The island Ōkunoshima in Japan is a island full of rabbits.  


  1. Hi Stanley,

    Wow! You have discovered some really interesting facts about Japan.I must admit that I did not know that Okunoshima is an island full of rabbits! I wonder where they all came from originally? Someone must have migrated to the area with their pet rabbits and then allowed them to breed (and breed and breed)!

    I don't know much about rabbits but I would like to visit the island to see how they live and how they care for so many rabbits all in one place! It's quite ironic that we're writing about rabbits as my son (Aronui) recently asked for a pet rabbit. I might think about getting him one for Christmas...

    Keep up the great work, Stanley! You are posting such interesting blogs :)


  2. Kon'nichiwa Stanley,

    I agree with Rachel, you have found some really interesting facts. It makes sense to grow watermelons like that, although I wonder how they get them to be that shape? I love eating watermelon during the summer, it's so refreshing. What kind of fruits do you like?

    Could you imagine working in that building in Osaka? I imagine it would be very noisy! But I really liked your fact about the rabbit island. It would be a lot of fun to visit there I think. Do you have any pets?

    Great second blog Stanley, keep the effort up :-)


  3. Hi Stanley
    Those three facts are really awesome. My favorite fact was the first one. I never knew that there were square watermelons! Keep up the great work!


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