Monday, 19 December 2016

Weekly Activity - Day 3 (Bonus Activity)

Bonus Activity - Airplane tickets can be very expensive. The table below lists the cost of one return ticket for one person from Auckland, New Zealand to the capital city of each country included in the Summer Learning Journey programme. The costs are listed in the local currency (money) of the country and not in New Zealand dollars
Use the XE currency converter website [] to find out how much each ticket would cost in New Zealand dollars [NZD $$]. On your blog, tell us:
  1. How much it would cost in New Zealand dollars to fly to each country.
  2. Which country is the most expensive country to visit
  3. Which country is the least expensive country to visit

From NZ to Australia it will cost = 863.573 NZD From NZ Japan it will cost = 1,795,05 NZD From NZ To Malaysia it will cost = 2,297.04 NZD
 From NZ To Dhabi, United Arab it will cost = 2,820.84 NZD
 From NZ To South Africa it will cost = 2,789,52 NZD
 From NZ To Germany it will cost = 3,268,43 NZD
 From NZ To England it will cost = 2,576,68 NZD
 From NZ To Chile it will cost = 3,364,65 NZD
 From NZ To Canada cost = 2,216,95 NZD
Image result for plane clipart From NZ To Mexico it will cost = 6,349,77 NZD.

The Least Expensive Country to visit is Australia.
The Most Expensive Country to visit is Mexico.


  1. Hi Stanley
    Great job on this activity. It is a very time consuming task and you did a great job! Keep up the superb work!

  2. Hi Stanley,

    Converting all the different currencies around the world can often be tricky and confusing, well done on getting them all right in your conversions! Usually I just pop into the bank and they sort it all out for me easy peasy.

    Why do you think some countries are more expensive to go to than others? Mexico is over 7 times more expensive to travel to than Australia, why do you think that might be? Often when I'm looking to travel somewhere, I'll wait for a while and keep checking online to see if they have any sales to try and pick my flights up cheaper if I can. Have you ever been to one of these countries on this list? I've been to Australia before, but none of the other ones... Yet!

    Congratulations on completing another Bonus Activity Stanley, great effort.



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