Friday, 6 January 2017

Week 3 - Weekly Activity Day 4 (Activity 2)

Activity 2
Some people say that the most powerful person in the world is the president of the United States. His name is Donald Trump and he became the president this past November when he beat out his competitor, a woman named Hillary Clinton. Google ‘Hillary Clinton’ to find out a little bit more about her. On your blog, post three interesting facts about Hillary.

Image result for hillary clintonFacts:
1. Did you know when Hillary was young she was never interested in politics, she dreamed that one day she would be a astronaut or a baseball.
2. Did you know that Hillary has been to more than 100 countries.
3. Did you know Hillary won a Grammy award not for singing nor rapping, it was for the Best Spoken Word Album for her book.


  1. Wow great facts about Hillary Clinton Stanley!
    I love the facts you putted down! Also Wow, I didn't even know that she had a grammy award for the best spoken words album from her book! what a coincidence?!
    Also for got HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

  2. Hi Stanley
    Nice facts about Hillary Clinton. I didn't know that she has been to more than 100 countries. Nice job.


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