Thursday, 12 January 2017

Week 4 - Weekly Activity Day 3 ( Bonus Activity)

Bonus Activity
Sadly, there are a number of animals in the world that are struggling to survive because they cannot find enough food to eat or a safe place to live. Many of these animals are dying and, in some cases, there are very few of them left. They are called ‘endangered animals.’ In New Zealand we have many endangered species, including the kakapo, a shiny green bird that likes to make its nest on the ground. Unfortunately, the nest is really easy to get to and other animals can easily steal the kakapo’s eggs. As a result, very few new kakapo are born. There are 55 kakapos in New Zealand right now. The New Zealand government is trying to save the kakapo. They are looking for creative ideas. What do you think they could do? On your blog, tell us what you think should be done to save the kakapo. Please be as creative as you can!

Image result for kakapoMy I'll Do:

I will make a Giant glass box about 25 meters tall and 90 meters long filled with grass, trees and bushes. Also they will be protected from the cold outside temperatures and will be just the right temperature. They will have 20 minutes out of the glass box everyday to fly outside and then They will be given food then will be taken back inside the box.


  1. Hi there Stanley,

    WOW! that is an outstanding idea. Very creative idea Stanley! I'm pretty sure that idea of yours is going to clean away the situation that is happening to the Kakapo. Amazing work and I hope to see more of your great postings.


  2. Hi Stanley,

    You have come up with a very creative solution to the problem. The Kakapo do need to have a safe place to live that is far away from potential predators. I like that you thought about the temperature of the box and even considered the needs that the birds have to be outside. The Kakapo can't actually fly but they can walk around and I'm sure that they would want to stretch their legs and breathe in fresh air.

    I must admit that I'm quite similar, actually. I love to work on my computer but I always needs to ensure that I take regular breaks and go outside for a brief walk or a chance to sit in the sunshine while I have my lunch. Do you ever sit outside for your meals? One of my favourite things to do is to take a blanket and some food to the beach and have a picnic with Aronui. There is something so fun about eating off of plastic plates on the sand while looking out over the water!

    Thanks for posting this thoughtful response, Stanley. It's excellent.

    Rachel :)

  3. Hey Stanley
    Hopefully, with your idea, the Kakapo can be saved. It's sad how a species that used to be many became very few. Great job Stanley.


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