Friday, 13 January 2017

Week 4 - Weekly Activity Day 4 (Activity 1)

Activity 1
Let’s imagine that the neighbouring town was about 30 kilometres away. There are a number of beautiful villages and interesting things to see along the way. You have four options for this trip. You can take a:
  1. Train – 25 minute ride; No stops along the way; $12 for the trip (return)
  2. Bus – 45 minute ride; Two stops along the way to look at interesting villages; $8 for the trip (return)
  3. Scooter – 1 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops; $5 for the trip (return)
  4. Bicycle – 2 hour ride; Unlimited number of stops but there are some hills along the way; $1 (return)
On your blog, tell us which of these four options you would choose and why!

My Option:
Image result for bus clipart
I would pick the bus because it's fast and you only make 2 stops along the way. Also you get a lot of time to see interesting things. Plus going to fast can cause a accident so going a bit slower would be much safer.


  1. Hi Stanley,

    I think that you have considered the options very carefully and made a good choice in selecting the bus. It is a nice compromise when it comes to expense, length of time taken to travel and speed. You are right to be careful when it comes to speed as you can get badly hurt if you go too fast and lose control of your vehicle.

    I can still remember being in Rarotonga for a holiday a few years ago and meeting a man who had rented a scooter, driven too fast and fallen off. He broke his leg and his arm and had to spend his entire holiday either in the hospital or lying down in his hotel room. It wasn't much fun and he missed out on 7 days of swimming, snorkelling, fishing and whale watching. I felt very badly for him and it taught me an important lesson about driving a fast vehicle in a brand new country. I must admit that I stuck to riding the bus after I saw what happened to John!

    Keep up the great work with your blogging, Stanley!


  2. Hey Stanley,

    Great choice and I agree with because you also get to see some interesting things and the bus ride is a fast way to get to town.


  3. Hi Stanley, that was some really good reasons to use the bus. But I would still prefer the train because their would be no stops and no traffic. Keep It Up !

  4. Hi Stanley,

    My name is Madeleine, and I live in Canada. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I wasn't sure what I would choose when I read the question about which transportation option I would use, but you explained yourself so well, that I decided that I would have taken the bus too. I love your writing style! Keep on writing, and have an amazing day!

  5. Hi there Stanley,

    It's me Von, Wow nice choice and I like your reasons to why you pick the bus. Great work Stanley and Keep up the great blogging!


  6. Hey Stanley
    I like the reasons you gave for picking the bus. I picked the scooter so I could look at things along the way. Keep up the blogging!


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