Monday, 9 January 2017

Week 4 - Weekly Activity Day 1 (Activity 1)

Activity 1
Imagine that you are visiting on the national holiday of your chosen country. On your blog tell us what you would eat, see and do on that day.

What I Would Eat:
I would eat Sushi because Sushi is a traditional food of Japan and Sushi originates from Japan.
 What would I see and do:
I would be seeing a lot of people with Japan flags waving them around in the parade and little kids marching in the parade, ladies walking in the parade and soldiers marching too.Image result for what do people do on national day japanImage result for japan traditional food

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  1. Hi Stanley
    Sushi sounds delicious. I only tried it a few times and it is so yummy. Keep up the awesome work.


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