Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Week 4 - Weekly Activity Day 2 (Activity 2)

Activity 2
Let’s imagine that you have been asked to host a visitor from another country. They are going to come and stay with you for three days. During that time, you are expected to take them on a tour of New Zealand and show them some our most famous icons. Where would you take them? If it was me, I might take them to Mt Cook in the south island, to the Sky Tower in Auckland and to Chums Beach in the Coromandel. What about you? On your blog, tell us which three famous places in New Zealand you would go with your visitor.

Where I'll Take Them:

Related imageFirst, I would take them to the sky tower because the building is filled with so many things to do. Also the sightings from the top are so AMAZING.
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Second I would take them to the museum in Auckland because it is filled with so much history people can learn. Also there is some pretty cool sculpture and statues, etc.

Image result for pokeno ice cream
The cost will be how many scoops there are.
Third, I would take them to Pukeno because it's so cool there watching cars go pas on the motorway. Also they sell very cheap Big & Chunky scoops of ice cream.


  1. Hey Stanley,

    Wow great choices to take your visitor and if I was your visitor I would have loved to go to pukeno because I have tasted there ice cream before and it was delicious!

    Katelyn :)

  2. Hi Stanley,

    I completely agree with Katelyn. You have chosen three great destinations for your visitors! I am still getting over the size of the ice cream cones that you can order in Pokeno. I've never seen a cone of ice cream with so many different scoops on it before. WOW.

    I am going to have to take Aronui down to Pokeno one day this summer to have a cone. He's only six so I don't think that he'll manage to eat more than a double scoop cone but we'll have to see...

    On the way home we might stop off at the Auckland museum. Did you know that museum entry is free for everyone who lives in Auckland? I just found that out a few years ago and went to the museum and asked for a 'Free Admission' card. I had to bring evidence of my address but that was all. It's great! Now Aronui and I can go to see the exhibits whenever we want to. There is a great exhibit on at the moment about the history of music in New Zealand. There are sound booths, displays and even places where you can make and record your own music. Cool 'eh?!

    I hope that you're able to get to the museum yourself one day soon. It's well worth it!

    Keep up the great work, Stanley:)


  3. Hey Stanley
    Those places sounds pretty amazing. I really like the place were you can get heaps of scoops of ice cream. Great job.